Choose tile flooring for all your rooms

Tile flooring is one of the most versatile flooring materials available. It offers impressive visuals and durability and a lifespan of 50 years. And you may never have to replace them once they're in place.

This is an excellent time for homeowners who are new to tile to learn more about them. When we compare them to a list of requirements, most homeowners find they fit their needs well. It's a great way to complete a whole-house remodel from the same product line.

Choose your best visual

Matching decor couldn't be more effortless with tile flooring, especially with the options available here. Colors, textures, and formats are great places to start. The pieces can be cut to any shape or size to fit custom mosaics and patterns.
A wide range of trends is also available, offering plenty of ways to match the decor and stay current. Wood and stone-look tile are popular, as are high-contrast patterns. There's a perfect look for every room and every interior design.

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You'll love the durability of tile flooring

Porcelain and ceramic tile are great ways to get the durability you want and need. These hard products offer outstanding scratch, crack, chip, and stain resistance. This durability is behind the long lifespan, protecting your floors for decades.

You can add area rugs in spaces with the most traffic for added protection. Regular cleaning and maintenance are helpful and easy to manage with these floors. Avoid abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools, and contact us for deep cleaning.

Understanding the installation process

It takes time and great precision to measure, cut, and place tile flooring. So, you're best served by professional installation when you choose tile. But the wait time is well worth the results you'll get.

Once you choose a material, we'll give you specific details and advice. We'll even quote a time for the installation as well. And if you have any questions, this is a great time to ask.
Tile from Pearland, TX from 3D Flooring and Carpet

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3D Flooring and Carpet is a tile shop in Pearland, TX, with design experts that cater to your remodeling needs. We have a commitment to excellent and complete customer care for any size remodel. And we offer free in-home estimates and a price match guarantee too.

We serve Houston, TX, Pearland, TX, Missouri City, TX, Clear Lake, TX, and/or Katy, TX, where you'll find the perfect tile flooring. Our associates are always standing by to help you. And we'll make sure you find the flooring that meets your needs.